We offer one on one and group lessons and seminars for groups of 3-15. Please send us a time and date that you prefer that your friends come in! 

Seminar Topics

All About Eyes!             


Teen Makeup!            




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Penny was the winner of a Free Makeup Lesson with the Aging but Dangerous Radio Show in May 2014. Here are the results of our session!

Penny was the winner of a Free Makeup Lesson with the Aging but Dangerous Radio Show in May 2014. Here are the results of our session!


1 on 1 $140
Comes with $50 voucher per person

1 hour, 1-on-1 makeup lesson with an expert makeup artist. During each session an artist will go through each section of the face and teach you tips and tricks.

Bring your makeup bag along, we want you to be able to recreate these looks at home with the makeup that you have. Lesson includes a $50 voucher towards the purchase of Nicole Fae’s Makeup Line to enhance your kit after the lesson.


2 people $250
$125/each person
Comes with $50 voucher per person

3 people $300
$100+/each person
Comes with $50 voucher per person

2 hour group lesson with an expert artist. During each class you and your friends will learn tips and techniques for all areas of the face. At the end of the class each person will have an individual meeting with the artist for specific questions and to help you find the right products and colors for you!

MAKEUP SEMINARS - $55/per person (4 - 15 MAX per class)
1 hour seminar taught by makeup artist Nicole Fae. (Seminar topics range)  Artists are available after the seminar to sit down with you on a individual basis and help you answer questions that you have about your features and even help you find the right colors, shades and formulations that are best for you!

My approach to makeup is to focus on highlighting women’s natural beauty!
— Nicole Fae

All About Eyes! (60 Mins)

This seminar focuses on the one area that draws the most attention to the face, and can make the most important and dramatic impact to anyone's appearance. See ways to correct problem areas. Learn the basic, easy steps needed to approach this area of makeup. See a brief overview of eyebrow shapes and shadow colors from the last century. See the colors and shapes that accentuate ethnic eyes. See great ways of working with eyes of all ages.

Age-Defying Seminar! (90 mins)

As you get older it’s important to keep updating your make-up. With every decade your skin tone and colour changes as well as your hair colour, it’s important that you adapt your make-up application technique and products to suit your skin and features.

My experience has shown me that if make-up is applied correctly it can make you look and feel 10 years younger. It’s all about getting a balance of wearing enough eye make-up to bring your eyes out and just enough foundation to make your skin look flawless without accentuating any fine lines.

Time will be dedicated to getting your foundation correct for your skin type and tone ensuring the most natural glowing finish. You will learn how to apply the perfect eye make-up to bring out your eyes. We will also take a look at your eyebrows and see if they need shaping or just a little colour to bring them out so they frame your face.

Teen Makeup! (90 mins)

So if you are a teen (or even just new to wearing makeup), you’re probably wondering what you should buy first and where to begin.

Teenage girls love to experiment with makeup, and what better way to get your daughter on the right track!. This 60 min seminar is designed for the 12-16 year old needing makeup instruction for a clean, natural approach to makeup.

Professional makeup artist, Nicole Fae will cover everything from basic skincaremakeup product knowledge to simple makeup techniques and tips that your teen can achieve easily.

Contouring! (90 mins)

After popular demand, we have added the contouring seminar! After celebrities like Kim Kardashian posted her infamous "in the process of getting her makeup done" instagram photo women on the world have become

 and wondered how they always seem to have insanely high cheekbones, defined noses and seemingly flawless complexions?International Beauty Expert @gina_badhen - Recently featured by #Kardashian Beauty & Hello! Magazine reveals her inside industry tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect bone structure and flawless face by mastering CONTOUR / HIGHLIGHTING & EYEBROW GROOMING. 


- Eyebrow grooming techniques

 - Pencil / Powder & Wax products for eyebrow filling & grooming

- Shaping your eyebrows to suit you


- DAY TO DAY contouring & highlighting techniques

- MEDIA / MAGAZINE contouring & highlighting techniques

- BRIDAL contouring & highlighting techniques- Product knowledge & explanations - from high street to luxury make-up brands

- Make-up demo & talk on cream / powder based contour & highlighting products

- Learn your make-up tools