Fitness Competition Tanning


Fitness Competition color

Color is the key to confidence.

Getting ready for this years fitness competitions, we partnered with South Seas Skincare to create a custom blend to give our athletes a competition color to give them confidence. Trust me it’s super important to be feeling yourself before you go up and stand before an audience!

I first started doing makeup and hair for fitness competitions back in 2006 with the MN NPC and NAMBF organizations. At the time, I only had just started with spray tanning clients for weddings, photo shoots and for first dates, but I knew that I made a great choice when choosing to work with the South Seas. Prior to doing tans for others, I used to get them from one of your local sun tanning bed places. Pretty sure that it was a Mystic booth, but that was so long ago. They were a great concept, but gave low quality results. I recall the last time I got a Mystic tan, I was an amateur makeup artist at the time and I was getting a tan before a wedding that I was attending. My boyfriend at the time shared that my face makeup and my tan did not match. I was so embarrassed. I spent the rest of the day feeling like everyone else was starting at me. He didn’t flat out tell me that I looked orange, but I sure was! Months or perhaps a few years later, I was in LA for a makeup show. I had never been to one so I was super excited. There I met Julie (the owner of South Seas) and David….her model….her get the attention of all the boys and girls model and he reeled me in HOOK LINE AND SINKER! But thank gawd, because I was so impressed with the tan. The flawless application, the quick dry time, the light to no smell of the solution and THE COLOR! When I got home, I ordered every other option there was and did tests on two other people that I worked with at the time. Hands down, we loved South Seas.

Years later my cousin, Lauren, decided to compete for in a Fitness Competition and hired me for makeup, hair and tanning. See below image to decide for yourself (Lauren is on the far left). Not orange and not green like the other competitors. Win or lose, Lauren didn’t feel like she had to worry about her tan being too light or dark or a funny unnatural color. The color that we use now, gives similar results in half the layers. We feel confident that we can give anyone their preferred level of darkness in 2-4 coats based on their base tan. If you want to see actual results, see the images above of our model Sarah. (Left) Before, (Middle) After 3 coats, (Right) After developing color overnight. The result is a super dark competition day color. (FYI - Sarah only reported minimal issues for next day touchups)

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