Benefits of Airbrush Makeup


Airbrush makeup

Flawless & Long-lasting Results

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is formulated to be very thin so that it can be misted out of the tiniest hole in the tip of an airbrush gun. I find this to be helpful as my clients preferences range from natural to full coverage. For my clients who don’t wear a lot of makeup, they don’t want to feel as if they are made up for their wedding days (or special events) so I am able to apply a light layer of foundation to give them just enough coverage for photos. After all, not everyone who is getting their makeup done likes a full glam makeup application. However, you can build up your makeup to have more coverage over certain problem areas or for a full coverage if the client desires.

If you were to ask anyone who has tried airbrush makeup, they would probably tell you that it feels very light weight. Many of my clients describe it as if they weren’t wearing anything at all. It provides a flawless coverage all day without moving as it is transfer resistant and water resistant.

What is Traditional Makeup?

Traditional makeup refers to the type of foundation being used to create the specific look you and your artist are going for. These could include foundation types you think of on general such as cream, liquid or powder. These types of foundation would be applied with a brush, sponge or even your fingers. These products have countless varieties in thickness and coverage.

Traditional makeup has it’s own benefits staying power. If you or your makeup artist uses the correct primers, setting powder or setting sprays, traditional makeup can last all day. However, airbrush foundation is designed to last all day on its own so you don’t have to worry about it if you happen to shed a tear at a wedding ceremony, or get a little sweaty from flossing on the dance floor!

A bit more hygienic

Airbrush is a wonderful option for anyone who is more prone to having breakouts on their skin. Generally traditional foundation is applied with a brush, sponge or your fingers. Unless properly disinfected, these tools are more likely to hold onto product and bacteria. The airbrush is easily sprayed empty of product and prior to use on another client it is cleaned with an airbrush cleaning solution, wiped out and dried. The product never comes in contact with any other factors until it is gently sprayed onto your skin.

Longer Shelf Life

Airbrush foundations have a shelf life of about two years from the date it is opened. Traditional foundations usually only have a one year expiration date. Also, when using airbrush, less product is used per application compared to traditional foundation. The reason for this is because the product is gently misted onto the skin which covers more surface area while still providing great coverage.


A professional airbrush kit comes with everything need to create a flawless airbrush makeup application which includes a variety of shades of foundation to match everyone on both the darker and the lighter spectrum. The formula mixes together with itself flawlessly to customize the correct shade of foundation for you if there isn’t one that perfectly matches your skin this is done by using a drop or two of a shade that is a little lighter or a little darker than the one that matches the closest to your skin tone.

Amazing Photographs

Photos last forever! The feedback we hear from our clients is that they absolutely love the way the airbrush foundation makes them look in both person and in photographs. The formula of airbrush foundation is made to be radiant and glowing. This means that airbrush is neither too shiny nor matte.

A little more difficult to touch up

Once the airbrush foundation settles and dries, it is much more durable than traditional foundation. If you were trying to do a little touch-up throughout the day, it may be a little more difficult. I like to have my clients think about the process of fixing a scratch in their car door. You cannot simply take a paint brush to the scratch to fix the imperfection. You have to sand down the entire door and then repaint the entire thing for a flawless finish. Airbrush makeup is pretty mush the same. If you make any mistakes during a makeup application and need to remove some of the airbrush makeup, you simply have to start over.

That said, since airbrush makeup is more durable you are much less likely to have to do a touch-up during the day.

Is it for everyone?

The airbrush formula has an immense amount of benefits built into one formula. It is water resistant, transfer resistant, long wear, buildable coverage, lightweight, hygienic, and very customizable. However, sometimes it isn’t the best option for a few of our clients due to very dry or mature skin. You don’t have to make a decision prior to the makeup application whether you’d like to do airbrush or traditional makeup. You and your artist will be able to decide to together what the best option for you is.