Blunt Cuts - podcast featuring Nicole Fae


Fashion & Beauty 

Park your passive at the door. Blunt Cuts is a female driven podcast on curiosity, creativity, and self-empowerment. The short format gives it to you straight with personal reflection and blunt honest perspectives. Season one explores fashion, beauty, friendships, work life, and all the messy details in between. Hosted by Christina Fortier.

Sure wish that I took more photos of this in the studio! You know with the headphones on and the micro phone....Oh well! I dropped the ball and now you just HAVE to listen in an see what we had to say! I really enjoyed the experience. It was much easier then I thought it would be, but isn't that just a little bit like most new experiences we have! I hope you enjoy listening in and I hope that you think about beauty a little differently after!

This episode CJ and guest host Nicole Fae, discuss how our beauty treatments make us feel our best selves, its beauty do you for you and no one else! 



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Production Credits
Host: Christina Fortier @christinafortierstyle
Guest Host: Nicole Fae @muanicolefae
Director/Producer:Michaela Rae @michealaraephoto