Adorbs for a Cause!

170-Paw Patrol-Mall of America-Minneaopolis-Event-photographer-April 15,

Lend a Paw

for our friends at Children's Hospital

When I first heard what this event was, I thought, "uh ohhhh", were gunna have a some sad kids here.....I was honestly terrified to see what was about to happen! Together with Nickelodeon, Build-a-bear, the Mall of America and some Super PAWsome Pals, we had an really amazing event for the kids over at Children's Hospital! 

Let me set the scene so you can understand why I was terrified. The event had a few different stations where the kids could come in and color a photo, have their favorite Paw Patrol character painted on their faces by the cute girl you see in the photo above (tee hee hee), they got to take a photo with Chase or Marshall and build a bear! Sounds pretty cool right?! BUT THEN... the kids had to donate their bears to the kids over at the Children's Hospital! Surprisingly, ALL of the kids donated their bears and dogs WITH NO TEARS! Can you believe it? Even my own son attended the event and tossed that bear right in the bin! So proud of my little man and all the other kiddos at the event who (probably) had their first experience of helping others in need of a little kindness! 

Thanks to all the other people who helped plan and organize the event! Thank you Kelly for booking me and thanks to Anthony who produced the event and is a huge joy to work with! Also super special THANK YOU THANK YOU to Natalie Hale who was also at the event and helped this girl out when I was troubleshooting my tools! This girl is truly a team player! Love you Natalie! Thanks for helping me!!!