Benefits of Lash Extensions


Lash Extensions

See why you might want to consider lash extensions for yourself.

1. Time Saver

Imagine waking up in the morning on a Sunday...You have to run to Target for some groceries for the week...but first you have to do your case you run into an one! With lash extensions you don't need to apply anything. Aside from running a clean spoolie to brush your lash hairs into place, no mascara is necessary! Lash glue is fun! It's black and the hair that is applied to your lash is also black so until those babies grow out naturally, you don't need to put anything on those lashes.  

2. They make you look younger

Seriously! Think about it like this....what did your lashes look like when you were in your 20's? Long. Full. Amazing! Now....not so I right? The best way to look younger is by having full lashes.

3.  They are beautiful and you will feel beautiful

Cosmetic companies have been working for many years to bring you longer fuller lashes because we all know that with mascara, your lashes just look that much better. Eyelash extensions even better! Making your lashes thick, dark, and full. You can choose a dramatic look or opt for something more natural, but whatever you choose, they are like your lashes, but better! Eyelash extensions last for about 4 weeks and require only a short time in the chair at the salon for upkeep.